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Tout ce que tu dois savoir sur les causes de la transpiration excessive

Everything you need to know about the causes of excessive sweating

Understanding hyperhidrosis and its causes

Hyperhidrosis refers to excessive sweat production, which is often difficult to control, even with the use of antiperspirants. In this article, we will explore the different causes of this condition, as well as its symptoms and treatments.

Causes of excessive sweating

Excessive sweating can be classified as “localized” or “generalized,” depending on which parts of the body are affected. Causes of localized hyperhidrosis include heat, stress, alcohol and caffeine consumption, and hereditary factors. On the other hand, generalized hyperhidrosis can be linked to being overweight, side effects of certain medications, menopause, anxiety, diseases such as hyperthyroidism, lymph node cancer, Parkinson's disease or diabetes . In some cases, excessive sweating can be temporary and occur during a febrile episode, a myocardial infarction or simple discomfort.

Treatments for excessive sweating

There are several solutions to combat hyperhidrosis, including the use of deodorants, antiperspirants, alum stones, botulinum toxin injection, iontophoresis session or surgery. In addition, a suitable diet, impeccable personal hygiene, wearing suitable clothing and hair removal can help reduce sweat production.

Treatment options for excessive sweating

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, here are some simple and effective solutions to overcome it: use a deodorant specially designed for the private parts, an antiperspirant, or even an alum stone. Another option is to use botulinum toxin injections which can temporarily paralyze the sweat glands and thus reduce sweat production.

Iontophoresis is also an effective technique which involves immersing the hands and feet in a bath of lightly electrified water to reduce sweating.

If all other options have been exhausted without success, surgery may be considered. A sympathectomy, which involves completely removing the sweat glands, may be a solution.

In addition, it is important to emphasize that healthy lifestyle habits, such as a balanced diet, rigorous personal hygiene, wearing suitable clothing and hair removal, can also help reduce excessive sweating.

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