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Set of 2 Mystik Rose Deodorants
Anti Odor
Rose Mystik

Set of 2 Mystik Rose Deodorants

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Discover the captivating alliance of white musk and mystik rose in a solid deodorant that offers you 48 hours of protection and freshness.

❤︎ Masks bad odors

❤︎ Perfume your skin lastingly

❤︎ Natural and ultra effective

1 solid deodorant = 3 to 4 months of use
🇫🇷 Made in France

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3 simple steps to feel confident for the day

Open your deodorant

Open your deodorant and smell the incredible scent of rose and vanilla that comes from it.

Apply deodorant to your armpits

Make a round trip, it will be more than enough to perfume your skin with a pure, fresh and voluptuous note.

Feel clean and confident

Nothing can stop you, no sweating guaranteed for 48 hours.

Why will you fall in love with Rose Mystik natural deodorant?

Because it effectively neutralizes body odors and leaves a deliciously unique, intoxicating amber, musky and woody fragrance.

Realize my beauty, with this solid deodorant you will never be afraid of sweating again because its formula will absorb your most intimate odors to leave room for a fragrance as soft as it is fresh. No more damp armpits and traces of sweat under the arms!

The best part is that it easily lasts 3 to 4 months, or less than €5 per month for daily use!

Pssst, our customers testify that the smell of our perfume l'Envoûtante is a real filter of love that drives their partner completely crazy! But shh, it's a secret that we must keep between women 🤫

Who is the Captivating woman?

The Envoûtante is sure of herself and mysterious, she is a woman who loves to seduce. His weapon of seduction? Mystik Rose Intimate Musk to captivate your Romeo.

The Envoûtante knows what she wants and doesn't hesitate to let it be known...

She leaves no one indifferent and plays her charm wonderfully...

Your new captivating routine with mystik rose is reaching out to you

Lather yourself up

Use our foam in the shower to clean your intimate area with the utmost gentleness.

Perfume yourself with the gel

A sensation of freshness guaranteed to make you feel feminine and clean all day long.

Sweat? Never !

Our solid deodorant fights, masks and prevents bad sweat odors for 48 hours.

Refresh yourself

In a single gesture, the intimate wipe gently cleanses and leaves a pleasant scent of Rose Mystik.

We innovate for you

You may be one of the thousands of musky beauties who asked us for a complete range based on the Rose Mystik fragrance that they love so much... So we got to work! 💪️

After +2 years of R&D, and the deployment of all our know-how in partnership with our perfumers, we have succeeded in integrating our deliciously amber, musky and woody fragrance of Envoûtante into the formula of our solid deodorant elected at the Victoires de the beauty.

And all this, while retaining +95% ingredients of natural origin and a rating of 100/100 on Yuka! You will never again be afraid to sweat with this Rose Mystik solid deodorant and you will be able to assert your authenticity and your exalted femininity!

"The Musc Intimate range is made up of vegan and natural products, made in the city of Grasse, in France."

“Never have such complete, 360-degree routines been launched in the world of cosmetics.”

“The products are designed to help women feel more confident and improve their intimate well-being.”

“An innovative brand of healthy beauty products based on musk, this delicate fragrance.”

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