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The Ritual of the Bewitching Woman
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Rose Mystik

The Ritual of the Bewitching Woman

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The entire Rose Mystik range brought together to make you feel clean, fresh and captivating all day long:

❤︎ An intimate Rose Mystik musk (30ml)
❤︎ An Intimate foam Rose Mystik (150ml)
❤︎ A natural deodorant Rose Mystik (50g)
❤︎ A pack of 30 wipes Rose Mystik
❤︎ A travel kit OFFERED

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Who is the Captivating woman?

The Envoûtante is self-confident and mysterious. She is a woman who likes to seduce. His weapon of seduction? The Rose Mystik intimate range composed of Intimate Musk, Deodorant and Intimate Mousse to captivate your Romeo.

The Envoûtante knows what she wants and doesn't hesitate to let it be known...

She leaves no one indifferent and plays her charm wonderfully...

We innovate for you

You may be one of the thousands of musky beauties who asked us for a complete range based on the Rose Mystik fragrance that they love so much... So we got to work! 💪️

After +2 years of R&D, and the deployment of all our know-how in partnership with our perfumers, we have succeeded in integrating our delicious amber, musky and woody fragrance of Envoûtante into our deodorant, our mousse and intimate wipes.

You will be able to assert your authenticity and your exalted femininity!

"The Musc Intimate range is made up of vegan and natural products, made in the city of Grasse, in France."

“Never have such complete, 360-degree routines been launched in the world of cosmetics.”

“The products are designed to help women feel more confident and improve their intimate well-being.”

“An innovative brand of healthy beauty products based on musk, this delicate fragrance.”