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Jette un oeil à nos nouveautés ma beauté 👇

My discovery of tahara musk

Graduated with a master's degree in finance, nothing predestined me to the world of cosmetic . A friend called me one day to tell me that her “ pee smells like musk! ” LOL. Very surprised by this captivating smell she suggests (or rather requires) me to test it. How can I tell you… From the first application it was love at first sight! I had just discovered a way to forever feel fresh and to be feminine in all circumstances .

I immediately wanted to get some again but... I couldn't find this product anywhere on the internet!!!

It was sold in small 3ml vials in markets, very often run by men. Imagine the discomfort... Even though I fell in love with this product, one thing bothered me. What was it made of?!? The famous vials did not mention either composition or origin because the musk was often imported from foreign countries.

The birth of Musc Intime

I had just discovered a gem, and I couldn't stop there! I had to introduce women to tahara musk . So I decided to recreate musk improving its composition, appearance and texture . Make it a French product in a more generous format. A respectful musk and validated by a toxicologist , available on the internet so that every woman can obtain it easily without risking embarrassment.

 “Despite the difficulties, I didn’t give up, because I was deeply convinced that this product could help thousands of women.”
Sephora, CEO of Musc Intime.

A tedious adventure

But in reality, creating this musk was a long road filled with challenges.

To begin with, I knew absolutely nothing about creating a cosmetics brand. The world of digital marketing was a big unknown. I wasted a lot of time and money due to lack of experience.

Then came the laboratory research. Many slammed the door in my face, not wanting to embark on a project so rare in France. It was necessary to produce a musk with a unique texture , which complies with French regulations and which has impeccable hold. Needless to say, it was no easy feat.

5 years of research and development
+ 150,000 satisfied customers to date!

Our first Musk

I finally found the laboratory that was able to create the pearl I had imagined. It took 5 long years of formulation to obtain this unique gel texture and this extraordinary hold on the skin.

After the success of intimate musk , the desire to bring quality products to women was even greater. I decided to develop a whole range dedicated to hygiene and to feminine care with always white musk, scent of seduction par excellence at the heart of our products.

The adventure has only just begun my musky beauties...