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Jette un oeil à nos nouveautés ma beauté 👇

Intimate Musk La Rayonnante - Monoï Oriental (30ml)
Monoï (new perfume)

Intimate Musk La Rayonnante - Monoï Oriental (30ml)

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Want to bring a little light and oriental warmth into your life? This enchanting intimate musk with Monoï is made for you! Formulated to evoke the joy of living, it's the perfect beauty product to start any summer day.

❤︎ Absorbs bad odors

❤︎ Scents sensually for 48 hours

❤︎ Does not stick to the skin

✓ Dermatologically tested

✓ 30 mL = 4 months of daily use

🇫🇷 Made in France

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3 simple steps to perfume your privacy for the day

Pull the cap and squeeze the pump

Just one press of your finger is enough to obtain the necessary quantity.

Apply the gel to your hot areas

The groin folds (avoiding private parts), the nape of the neck, the wrists, the elbows and the hollow of the chest.

Feel clean, beautiful and desirable

You can go out with complete peace of mind, Musc Intime is designed to last 48 hours.

Why will you fall in love with Musc Intime perfume gel?

Tahara Musk was until now a beauty secret reserved for the intimate hygiene of women in the Middle East. Applied to hot areas of the body, it effectively neutralizes body odors and leaves a very special intoxicating fragrance.

Realize my beauty, with Musc Intime you will never again be afraid of sweating because its formula will absorb your most intimate odors to leave room for a fragrance as soft as it is fresh. The best part is that a dab of gel is enough to perfume you for 48 hours. You won't come back from it, the 30ml bottle easily lasts 3 to 4 months.

Pssst, our clients testify that the smell of intimate musk is a real filter of love that drives their partner completely crazy! But shh, it's a secret that we must keep between women🤫

Who is the Radiant woman?

The radiant one is a spontaneous and free woman. A real little ray of sunshine who never gives up despite the difficulties.

Seeing life on the bright side is his specialty! The Radiant One loves life and joy, she knows how to enjoy every moment like the last.

La Rayonnante leaves a warm and sensual scent, like the memory of the last rays of sun on a summer evening...

Your new intimate well-being routine is reaching out to you

Lather yourself up

Use our foam in the shower to clean your intimate area with the utmost gentleness.

Perfume yourself with the gel

A sensation of freshness guaranteed to make you feel feminine and clean all day long.

Sweat? Never !

Our solid deodorant fights, masks and prevents bad sweat odors for 48 hours.


En un seul geste, la lingette intime nettoie en douceur et dépose un agréable parfum de musc blanc.

"La gamme Musc intime est composée de produits vegan et naturels, fabriqués dans la ville de Grasse, en France."

“Jamais des routines aussi complètes et pensées à 360 degrés n’ont été lancées dans le monde des cosmétiques.”

“Les produits sont conçus pour aider les femmes à se sentir plus confiantes et à améliorer leur bien-être intime.”

“Une marque innovante de produits de beauté sains sur la base de musc, cette fragrance délicate.”

Des cosmétiques cleans et parfumés, c’est possible !

It took us 5 years of research and 48 failed laboratory tests in collaboration with our perfumers (you can't imagine the financial abyss) before achieving the innovation of our life: the creation of the first intimate perfume gel based on Musk .

In 2022, it's the consecration, our Intimate Musk wins Beauty victories for its unique patented fragrance on the market.

You will have understood my musky beauty, I have given myself body and soul to this brand to innovate on the intimate hygiene market and offer you access to the best of Musk, this scent which will make you beautiful and sulphurous.

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