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The Ritual of the Radiant Woman
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Monoi Oriental

The Ritual of the Radiant Woman

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The entire Monoï Oriental range brought together to make you feel clean, fresh and radiant all day long:

It contains :
❤︎ An intimate Monoï Oriental musk (30ml)
❤︎ An Intimate Monoï Oriental mousse (150ml)
❤︎ A natural Monoï Oriental deodorant (50g)
❤︎ A pack of 30 Monoï Oriental wipes
❤︎ Pink Mirror FREE

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Who is the Radiant woman?

The radiant one is a spontaneous and free woman. A real little ray of sunshine who never gives up despite the difficulties.

Seeing life on the bright side is his specialty! The Radiant One loves life and joy, she knows how to enjoy every moment like the last. La Rayonnante leaves a warm and sensual scent, like the memory of the last rays of sun on a summer evening...

Clean and scented cosmetics are possible!

"The Musc Intimate range is made up of vegan and natural products, made in the city of Grasse, in France."

“Never have such complete, 360-degree routines been launched in the world of cosmetics.”

“The products are designed to help women feel more confident and improve their intimate well-being.”

“An innovative brand of healthy beauty products based on musk, this delicate fragrance.”