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Jette un oeil à nos nouveautés ma beauté 👇

Sweet Litchi Intimate Wipes - La Délicieuse x30
Intimate hygiene
100% cotton

Sweet Litchi Intimate Wipes - La Délicieuse x30

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Practical, discreet and biodegradable, our wipes gently clean the intimate area and leave a delicious Sweet Litchi fragrance.

❤︎ For impeccable intimate hygiene

❤︎ Useful at work, when traveling, when going out

❤︎ 98% natural ingredients

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Why will you love our La Délicieuse intimate wipes?

With a single gesture, you will be able to gently clean your intimate area while leaving a pleasant scent of musk and sweet Litchi with lemony, amber and woody accents which provides an unrivaled feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

Their travel size allows you to easily take them with you. Use them to refresh yourself and feel comfortable any time of the day.

Pssst, our customers testify that our wipes have saved them many times from intimate discomfort outside before a date. But shh, it's a secret to keep between us. 🤫

4 steps for absolute Intimate Freshness

Take a wipe

Clean your intimate area from front to back to protect yourself from the proliferation of bacteria

Neither seen nor known, throw your biodegradable intimate wipes in the toilet

Laisse la fraîcheur extrême des lingettes intimes enrichie au calendula et à 97% d’eau hydrater ta zone intime

Your new intimate well-being routine is reaching out to you

Lather yourself up

Use our foam in the shower to clean your intimate area with the utmost gentleness.

Perfume yourself with the gel

A sensation of freshness guaranteed to make you feel feminine and clean all day long.

Sweat? Never !

Our solid deodorant fights, masks and prevents bad sweat odors for 48 hours.

Refresh yourself

In a single gesture, the intimate wipe gently cleanses and leaves a pleasant scent of sweet lychee.

"La gamme Musc intime est composée de produits vegan et naturels, fabriqués dans la ville de Grasse, en France."

“Jamais des routines aussi complètes et pensées à 360 degrés n’ont été lancées dans le monde des cosmétiques.”

“Les produits sont conçus pour aider les femmes à se sentir plus confiantes et à améliorer leur bien-être intime.”

“Une marque innovante de produits de beauté sains sur la base de musc, cette fragrance délicate.”