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Tout savoir sur la fabrication du musc tahara

Everything you need to know about making tahara musk

How is tahara musk made?

Tahara musk is a coveted ingredient in perfumery and pharmacopoeia, derived from animal raw materials. It is a seductive and diverse fragrance, ideal for wearing on the skin. Discover in this article how this wild perfume that has become a skin-deep ritual is made.

What are the origins of tahara musk?

Tahara musk is extracted from an animal called a musk chevrotain, which lives mainly in Siberia. The precious scent is obtained from a sac located between the reproductive glands and the navel of the animal. This liquid solidifies once outside the animal, but retains its olfactory properties as long as it is kept warm. Other animals, such as civets, beavers and cows, can also produce musky odors. However, due to the uncertainty of the supply and production of animal musks, humans eventually found another solution.

How is white musk made?

White musk is a completely synthetic molecule, discovered by chance in 1888 by Albert Bauer when he was working on the formulation of TNT. Although considered toxic at the time, this substance was later developed by Lavoslav Ruzicka who synthesized muscone, one of the components of animal musk, in 1926. Subsequently, many other synthetic musks were created, such as ATHN, AHDI, ATII, HHCB, Ketone Musk, Xylene Musk, T Musk, Habanolide, Cyclopenta Decanolide, and others. Compared to dark-colored animal musks, white musk gets its name from its origin (laboratory) and its production method. It is also associated with connotations of purity and freshness, such as those of cotton or baby skin.

How is current tahara musk synthesized?

Tahara musk is traditionally obtained from a pouch located between the reproductive glands and the navel of a musk deer. However, because this collection method is harmful to animal species, the sourcing and production of animal musks is now prohibited or regulated.

Fortunately, these odors can be reconstituted synthetically. So, synthetic tahara musk is a perfume concentrate containing white musk as a base, as well as a thickener and a dye. The laboratories that produce them must submit an IFRA sheet containing regulatory recommendations in terms of dosage percentage.

Perfumes and other products based on synthetic musk are therefore regulated. At Musc Intime, you will find a tahara musk that best suits your olfactory taste buds and your needs. For example, the Tahara Intimate Musk is a sweet, fruity and intense fragrance, perfect for exuding a seductive and fresh fragrance on all occasions.

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