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Musc tahara

Recognizing real tahara musk: simple tips

How to recognize real tahara musk?

Whether in the field of fashion or electronics, trends are omnipresent. And this also applies to perfumes. Musc Intime is one of those must-have products as soon as you buy it. A true darling of Middle Eastern women, it has also won the hearts of many Western women. However, these days, traditional Musk is often counterfeited, so it is important to know how to identify the original in order to take full advantage of its benefits.

What is tahara musk?

The word “tahara” is of Arabic origin and means “purification”. In Arab culture, musk tahara is an essential element for women after major ablutions or during menstruation. Besides its use for perfuming the body, it can also be used to perfume sensitive areas of the home such as carpets, pillows, clothing, etc. Tahara musk also offers several other applications.

What are the benefits of tahara musk?

The benefits of tahara musk vary depending on the type used. White musk is ideal for masking and preventing bad odors, subtly perfuming the body and intimate areas, refreshing clothes, perfuming hair, moisturizing the skin and reducing dryness. For its part, black musk can be used in combination with incense to purify the environment and perfume the interior of your home. Just like white tahara musk, it can also be used as a perfume.

How to recognize real tahara musk, the original?

Authentic tahara musk has a very strong and pungent odor, with notes of wood, animals and excrement. The exploitation of natural Musk has long been prohibited, because it involves the killing of animals to obtain the material. As a result, endangered species are now protected. True tahara musk is dry, light brown in color, with a weak but persistent scent, close to that of aromatic plants. Pure musk has a light color due to ammoniacal fermentation. It has a very strong scent and is very difficult to bear.

How to choose your musk?

Choosing a tahara musk is as easy as drinking a glass of milk. Classic musk gives off a very animalic scent, which adds an instant touch of seduction to any feminine perfume that contains it. White musk , as well as intimate tahara musk , are soft, delicate and feminine.

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