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Les bienfaits du musc tahara : pourquoi est-il si apprécié par les femmes du Moyen-Orient et même par les hommes ?

The benefits of tahara musk: why is it so appreciated by Middle Eastern women and even men?

Tahara musk, also called intimate musk, is very popular with Middle Eastern women, as well as some men. But why ? Discover the benefits of this traditional fragrance, used for centuries for its beauty benefits and olfactory properties.

Why use intimate musk?

Tahara musk, also called intimate musk, is a luxurious, feminine fragrance originating from the Middle East. It features sweet, creamy notes and is produced from a substance extracted from the chevrotain, a small animal that releases an intoxicating scent when heated. According to prophetic tradition (Sunnah), the use of tahara musk is recognized as legal. But what are the benefits that have earned this perfume a special place in the beauty routine of oriental women? Let's discover together the beneficial effects of tahara musk...


Why use tahara musk?

There are many benefits for women to use this product.

Intimate musk to combat bad odors

After menstruation, the female genitals can sometimes emit unpleasant odors, which can be annoying for the woman herself. Tahara musk, with its purifying properties, can help eliminate these odors and keep your home fresh and fragrant at all times. This oriental tradition is highly valued in Middle Eastern countries, providing women with a practical solution to feeling clean and feminine throughout the day and night.


Intimate musk to reduce vaginal discharge

Women often face vaginal infections and allergies, often caused by vaginal discharge. Although tahara musk can help reduce these losses, it is primarily used as a perfume and should not be considered an effective treatment for gynecological conditions.


How is intimate musk used?

Tahara intimate musk should be applied to the parts of the body that give off the most heat, such as the neck, armpits, groin folds or between the thighs. This allows the fragrance to reactivate and diffuse with each movement. To apply it, one pressure is enough. It is recommended to use it just after bathing, when the skin is still damp, for maximum effectiveness. However, it is important not to apply it directly to the genitals and mucous membranes, but only to external areas of the body. With just one press, the scent can last up to 48 hours.

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