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Musk: an exceptional elixir

Raw material of animal origin, musk is the prized ingredient of perfumers but also of pharmacopoeias. Whether fruity , floral, woody or spicy , the musky scent is irresistible! We like to wear it as close as possible to our body because it fascinates and is adorned with a thousand scents. Today, musk fills the lives of thousands of men and women.

Discover its origins and its use, this wild fragrance that has become a skin-deep perfumed ritual .

Musk: an organic substance that has become a synthetic molecule

An essence of animal perfume

Its unsuspected origins

A species endemic to Asia, the musk deer is a mammal that has lived a peaceful existence in these highlands for millennia. During its rutting period, the animal emits an intense odor in order to seduce females. The fumes it leaves in its path interest the natives who decide to unlock its secret. It is then necessary to extract the precious perfume by killing the animal to recover a pocket, located between the umbilicus and its reproductive glands, which contains a brownish substance: musk . But, once out of the beast, this liquid dries! However, it retains its consistency and its olfactory properties as long as it is warm against the animal. Of course, other animals can also produce these scents called musk , such as civet, beaver or beef. The supply and production of animal musk being uncertain, man ended up finding other solutions.

His transformation

Since Antiquity it has been considered a luxury product with many virtues. It is given stimulating, aphrodisiac and medicinal properties. Natural musk is snapped up at exorbitant prices and exported to the four corners of the world. Faced with strong demand, musk deer farms will flourish in China. But in captivity, the animal no longer secretes it, the essential element in perfumery. During the 19th century, the poor beast was then the victim of poaching but since then it has been a protected species. In its pure state, the natural product called Tonkin Musk has an intense and lingering odor of woody perfumed scents , mixed with fur and feces. It will be necessary to wait for advances in chemistry for musk to reveal its potential by refining it with alcohol.

Musk: a masculine or feminine scent?

When it is discovered, it is first widely used by men for its powerful and animal smell . Symbol of virility, in good doses, it remains soft and suave to such an extent that the woman will end up appropriating it over time. In the Middle East, the use of musk is well anchored since the prophet (sws) said: "Musk is the most fragrant of perfumes". In the Muslim prophetic tradition, sunna , musk is used at the end of the menstrual cycle: it is called musk tahara . Tahara means “to purify” in Arabic. Women use it after their great ablutions , a ritual washing, but men also use it to perfume themselves. One can legitimately wonder if musk is a product for men or for women.

The essential of cosmetics

From natural perfume to synthetic product

Highly controversial and controlled, musks of animal origin still exist but are banned. Its uplifting smell caused new alternatives to develop rapidly. Man has done everything to artificially reproduce musk and make it more affordable. This ingredient is a must for great perfumers because its use helps to mask bad odors thanks to its fixing effect that lasts a long time!

Today there are two types of musks:

  • Plant :

Many plants naturally have a musky odor . Made from flowers, vegetable musk is very popular in luxury perfumery because its subtle fragrance is inimitable and natural. It is obtained from extracts of plants or seeds such as ambrette (from hibiscus), clary sage , angelica roots or even blackcurrant buds, etc. However, it remains very expensive if, for example, ambrette is used: the musk par excellence.

  • Synthetic :

Manufactured in the laboratory, synthetic musk passes several conformity tests and its production respects very strict specifications: it is white musk . The chemist Lavoslay Ružička isolates the precious molecule isolated the first time and today it replaces animal musk. The difference between the two is certainly notable since white musk does not replace this original smell so characteristic of natural musk but it evokes a smell of freshness and cleanliness . Methods exist to reproduce it and they are divided into 3 groups:

  • polycyclics , not recommended for the environment and used by detergent brands for their clean smell;
  • nitro -aromatics , chemical derivatives of explosives but currently prohibited;
  • macrocyclics , various molecules make them up, including the famous muscone: a key ingredient in perfumes.

Musk, a popular product

Thanks to this scientific breakthrough, perfumeries around the world are creating musky products with enveloping, cottony or floral scents. White musk offers a varied olfactory palette with reproductions derived from spicy aromatic notes such as ginger, mint or even floral such as jasmine , peony or ylang-ylang . Musk perfumes are becoming popular in endless variations with fruity scents , passing through powdery scents with exotic scents of vanilla or monoi . Widely used in care and hygiene products, such as shampoo, perfumed oils or lotions, it leaves a delicate fragrance on the skin but also in our homes. It is intended to be trendy since it is found, for example, in interior fragrances and decorative atmosphere products such as:

  • vaporizers;
  • diffusers;
  • incense;
  • scented candles etc.

The musk of Intimate Musk

Our fragrant musk is synthetic and French ! It is essential for us to offer you a quality product! For this, we decided to produce it in a French laboratory in order to have total control over the production line of our products.

We are proud to offer you a musk:

  • MADE IN FRANCE: made in Grasse. 🇬🇧
  • ALCOHOL FREE: our product is alcohol free . Indeed, given its application to the hot areas of the body, we have developed a product that will be as respectful as possible of your delicate skin;
  • CRUELTY FREE: not tested on animals;
  • MADE WITH LOVE: thought and designed with love (and a lot of work).

Musk has seduced for centuries and continues to delight the world with its delicate and sensual fragrances . The Musc Intime brand has created a range of musky cosmetics, a real ode to femininity : yes, our products have been designed by a woman for women! Whether in boxes or as an individual product, fall for our sweet, gourmet and irresistible fragrances. Make our musks an ally of your beauty, your feminine hygiene and reveal all your sensuality with Musc Intime.

As you will have understood, at Musc Intime , our priority is you! We'll meet you in our shop and on @muscintime . Goodbye !

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