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Les meilleurs déodorants pour femmes enceintes

The best deodorants for pregnant women

Which deodorant to choose during pregnancy?

Pregnant women may be prone to excessive sweating and should therefore use gentle, natural and organic deodorants to ensure their safety and that of their baby. With the multitude of fragrances and formulas available on the market, it can be difficult to make the best choice. In this article, we will guide you to find the best ingredients for a pregnant women's deodorant that masks bad sweat odors and protects your baby's health.

How to choose your deodorant based on your level of sweating during pregnancy?

It is important to avoid air fresheners containing endocrine disruptors such as paraben, PEG, fragrance phthalate or even aluminum salts, as these ingredients can irritate sensitive skin and affect fetal development. If you have normal or weak sweating, witch hazel or bay leaf hydrosols are ideal. They have the ability to tighten pores and gently regulate perspiration, while offering high refreshing and cleansing power, even if they are less astringent.

How to make deodorant for pregnant women?

On the other hand, if you tend to sweat a lot, fragrance-free and neutral choices will be perfect for you. Natural deodorant balms are best suited for reactive and sensitive skin. In addition to absorbing humidity, they have the power to gently neutralize foul odors; making it a gentle and effective choice for pregnant women.

It's important to know that deodorants are subject to strict regulations that require manufacturers to make them safe in every sense of the word. However, some may contain ingredients that are potentially harmful to pregnant women. Before choosing a deodorant, make sure it says “pregnant women”. This type of product is completely safe in terms of fetal malformations, endocrine disruption, impaired fertility, etc. Remember that natural and 100% ecological deodorants should be your priority.

How to make your own deodorant for pregnant women?

If you're having trouble choosing a pregnant women's deodorant on the market, making your own is an even more interesting option. Here is an aromatherapy recipe formulated by a pharmacist: mix 2 drops of rosehip vegetable oil and 2 drops of bitter orange essential oil and apply to your armpits. Simple and economical, this recipe is especially effective for excessive sweating of non-hormonal origin.

If you are not reassured about using pure essential oils because you know that you must use them sparingly, turn to an already formulated product that contains these elements.

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