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Intimate hygiene

Satin Gift Box

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This set is aimed at all musky beauties who want to take care of themselves or who want to spoil a loved one. It contains :

❤︎ An intimate Musk in the scent of your choice

❤︎ A packet of intimate wipes

❤︎ A nightgown, a nightie and a satin face mask

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Why will you love our satin gift boxes?

My beauty, we designed this set for all women who like to take care of themselves, who like to perfume themselves and feel beautiful.

You will literally be able to relax in a world of softness and well-being after a long day of work.

All you need to do is perfume yourself with a few drops of your favorite intimate musk, then put on your nightie and your satin bathrobe for an evening of total relaxation.

When you go to bed, you can put on your satin mask for a peaceful night.

Pssst, our clients testify that the smell of intimate musk is a real filter of love that drives their partner completely crazy! But shh, it's a secret that we must keep between women🤫

3 simple steps to relax after a long day

Apply your intimate musk

On the groin folds (avoiding private parts), the back of the neck, the wrists, the elbows and the hollow of the chest

Bring your intimate towels

Clean your intimate area from front to back to protect yourself from the proliferation of bacteria

Put on your satin outfit

Put on your nightie, your bathrobe and your satin face mask to spend a pleasant evening

"The Musc Intimate range is made up of vegan and natural products, made in the city of Grasse, in France."

“Never have such complete, 360-degree routines been launched in the world of cosmetics.”

“The products are designed to help women feel more confident and improve their intimate well-being.”

“An innovative brand of healthy beauty products based on musk, this delicate fragrance.”

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