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musc blanc

Why is white musk so popular?

The term “musk” characterizes the slightest perfume with a musky odor . It serves as a fixer and has always been very popular for millennia since it has delighted men and women around the world with these varied olfactory facets. Even if musk has become a synthetic derivative, white musk , it is still very popular in perfumery.

Let it wrap us in these warm and sweet scents and discover its use and its virtues.

Musk: epic of a delicate quintessence

An inimitable fragrance

A naturally fragrant perfume

Musk comes from the glands of the musk buckshot , a mammal from Asia. During the mating period, it emits a very strong smell, an inimitable perfume to seduce females. Men will end up appropriating this bewitching scent and the animal will be the victim of poaching for its raw material, musk, but also for its fur and skin. Since Antiquity, many medicinal and aphrodisiac virtues have been attributed to it and its trade will be very lucrative to the point of seeing deer farms flourish. The great explorers will end up transporting it out of its production zone to finally introduce it in Europe and the Middle East. It was also during the Golden Age of Islam, around the 8th century to the 13th century, that musk became a prized perfume essence .

An irresistible olfactory pyramid

Remaining an expensive product for a very long time, musk was used in luxury perfumery. Its reputation has always preceded it because it is adorned with a thousand perfumes: whether for men or women, the musky perfume can contain floral , green or even woody or powdery notes . Building on its success, musk remains an essential ingredient for perfumers, but it is also found in cosmetics and home products. Shampoo, moisturizer, deodorant, oils, scented candles etc. may contain musk.

We all succumb to its sublimating effect , this sweet fragrant smell that is attracting more and more women and which has a place of choice in their beauty bags.

Tahara Musk, derived from white musk

A sensual perfumed synthesis

The buckshot is now a protected species and to meet the strong demand in perfumery, natural musk has become a synthetic product: white musk.

The first musk molecules were discovered around 1880. After several attempts, chemists succeeded in stabilizing the different types of musk and all of them provided roundness, a pleasant clean smell and freshness. Beyond offering a variety of fragrances , white musk is long-lasting and delicately scented.

Although it has no medicinal virtues, Musk Tahara does not cure skin or intimacy problems. It is recognized for its superior quality and refined scents. The latter make him a staple of the toilet of women in the Middle East.

The benefits of Tahara Musk

Traditionally, Tahara Musk is used at the end of the menstrual cycle since Tahara means "to purify " in Arabic. Its use is a sunnah for Muslim women because perfuming the private parts with it eliminates possible blood odors . A hadith refers to this period of the menstrual cycle: A woman asked the Prophet (SWS) about the great ablutions to be done after menstruation (menses). He explained to him how to proceed and added: “Take a cotton scented with musk by means of which purify yourself” [reported by Bukhari (hadith 315) & Muslim (hadith 499)]. However, the hadith does not specify the type of Musk to be used to complete this ritual cleansing. It is therefore quite possible to use other musks after one's great ablutions. In addition to reducing bad odors , it leaves a scented trail on the skin : it can easily replace our perfume or deodorant bottles.

A fragrance full of seduction

Subtle second skin

According to scientists, perfume would influence our relationships. Indeed, it can create attachment, capture attention, desire or recall memories. We tend to forget that we naturally secrete an odor. Smelling good remains an affirmation of our femininity , a routine of our beauty , an ally of charm and when it comes to seduction, perfume is a real asset. Even if there is no visible trace left on you, the perfume nevertheless leaves a fragrant wake on your way which is our olfactory signature .

This is why the choice of a perfume is not trivial because it will react in contact with our skin and thus create a unique scent .

Musk cosmetics from Musc Intime

The brand offers a range of Tahara Musk products , in individual products or in boxes, made in France :

  • 🤍 TAHARA MUSK : fresh, soft and powdery that mixes notes of cotton and white musk. It is the essential of Musc Intime ;

Our Musks are a fragrant concentrate, easy to apply thanks to its unique gel texture, its long-lasting hold and so pleasant to wear !

As a reminder, our musks are to be applied to hot areas and not directly to the mucous membranes: a touch in the hollow of the ear or the back of the neck will complete your look of the day with refinement. You can find it directly here 🌸

Attention, we do not recommend the use of our products in pregnant women as well as breastfeeding women.

Find us on Instagram: @muscintime .

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