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Tahara musk: the secret of Middle Eastern women

Although tahara intimate musk is beginning to become more popular in the West, it has been a real beauty secret in the Middle East for centuries. Women were already using it at the time of the Prophet sws. Tahara musk is a must in the beauty routine of oriental women.

The origin of the word tahara comes from Arabic and means purification . Tahara musk is therefore presented not only as a solution for perfume, but also for "purification". Unlike musk found in solid form, tahara musk is semi-liquid, so much easier to apply. It often comes from Saudi Arabia, but it can also be found at certain perfumers, such as in Grasse, the world capital of perfume.

Musk: the perfume of men and women

Musk is just as well used by men as by women, which unlike tahara musk is used exclusively by the fairer sex. We perfume ourselves with it on special occasions such as weddings or religious holidays. Wearing musk is also recommended on Friday during the Jumu'a prayer. Perfume yourself with this delicate perfume is a cultural practice, but also a religious one.

And that's not all ! Some people even use musk to perfume their interiors. Nothing could be simpler, just place a piece of white musk in a piece of fabric and place it in a strategic place.

Little tip: Rub the musk directly on the fabrics of your furnishings to have a fresh smell that will last a long time.

Tahara musk: a matter of spirituality

In addition to the beauty gesture aspect, the application of musk, and more particularly tahara musk, is a religious practice recommended in Islam for the toilet of women after their menstruation. Indeed, Al-Bukhari reports that the Prophet (sallallahu alyhi salam) said to a woman who came to ask him about the ghusul : “take a cloth and purify yourself with it”.

Musk in general in Islam has a very symbolic connotation. The Prophet said (sallallaahu alyhi salam): “The best perfume is musk.” (Reported by Al-Bukhâri).

Your beauty asset

Known for its delicate smell of fresh cotton , women in the Middle East apply it to hot areas. Women generally apply it after their period of menstruation during major ablutions. Tahara musk is also used outside the menstrual period, because it remains a simple and effective way to wear perfume. The latter is known to last throughout the day, a simple dose applied to the right parts will give you a freshness and a pleasant smell that will last over time. Tahara musk will adapt to your skin and create a unique smell that is unique to you.

This product is a real tribute to femininity and can even become your asset of seduction. Musk is therefore a fragrance of seduction by nature. And what could be more obvious than to sublimate the woman with a perfume intended to seduce. Integrating this product into your skincare and beauty routine will make you feel beautiful and confident.

How and where do you apply your tahara musk?

Tahara musk is very easy to use. It is applied to the hot areas of the body such as the neck, the nape of the neck, behind the ears or even at the level of the décolleté. It can also be used on the level of the private parts depending on it must be careful not to apply it directly on the mucous membranes, but rather around the level of the crotch. You can also use musk in the armpits as a deodorant.

To apply it, nothing could be simpler. Take a little product with the spatula. Then apply the product to the places mentioned above. You can reapply at any time by following the same procedure. Note that tahara musk is contraindicated for pregnant women. For an even longer lasting smell, you can put a little on your clothes.

Our products

Intimate Musk is your ally when it comes to intimate tahara musk. We offer a wide range of musk products that will meet your needs and desires.

  • TAHARA MUSK : fresh, soft and powdery that blends notes of cotton and white musk. It is the essential of Musc Intime;

That's not all, discover now our new musk-based products:

  • Intimate Musk cleansing foam: cleansing foam with delicate scents that will gently cleanse your intimate area.
  • Intimate Musk Wipe : wherever you are, use our wipes to feel fresh all day long.
  • Intimate Musk Towel : Ultra soft, they preserve your privacy by limiting the transfer of bacteria. For gentle and safe drying.

Intimate Musk

Our Intimate Musk products are bad odors eliminated thanks to our tahara musk concentrated in perfume. No more worries during the day thanks to its optimal hold that lasts up to 48 hours. Tahara Musc Intime musk is also a unique gel texture that gives you freshness and comfort throughout the day.

Musc Intime exclusively uses synthetic musk, produced in France to make our tahara musk. We offer full transparency on the origin of our products and we are proud to use a musk created in Grasse, the world capital of perfume. Our musk is alcohol free to allow optimal application to hot and sensitive areas of the body. Respect for your skin for Musc Intime is essential, which is why all our products are thought out and designed with love. Musc Intime does not test its products and ingredients on animals.

Take advantage now of our offer, Musc Intime towels are offered to you from 50 € of purchases on Musc Intime .

Don't hesitate to leave us a little comment under the article about your Musc Intime experience. We give you an appointment in the shop area and on @muscintime where you will find all of our tahara musk products.

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